SEM Agencies: Knowing who’s genuine and who is not

SEM or search engine marketing is a crucial aspect of all businesses looking to gain exposure on the internet. With good SEM, a business will run a website that converts visitors into paying customers. However, the challenge with SEM Singapore is that there is a lot of trying and testing here.

How to find a good SEM agency

The following are just a few problems that you’ll want a SEM agency to solve:

  • Ads are being served on queries that are not related to them
  • Untargeted ads
  • Ads not being served on high volume or high relative queries
  • A weak brand campaign
  • Poor page ranking

These problems are quite cyclical in nature, and will affect your Adwords budget for as long as the account is running with one or all the problems still intact. At the end of the day, they affect your return on investment.

An agency that talks about others’ weaknesses rather than its strengths

A good agency will emphasize about why they are good at what they do. However, if they begin criticizing what other agencies are doing wrong (usually your current agency), you should run.

Good agencies have a process for SEM management, and it does not vary by account managers

The first thing to do is to ask a SEM agency to let you talk to at least two of their account managers. You should ask them the process they use when it comes to managing SEM campaigns. If they talk about the same thing, then this is a good agency.

However, if their statements are contradicting, then it means they aren’t an agency. They are just a bunch of guys working in a building under the same payroll.


A good agency will talk to its clients about the numbers or metrics that have driven them to where they are.

They must be transparent in the sense that they can give full access to their analytics account as well as other reporting tools.

You should generally be wary of agencies that don’t want to share data with their clients. Also, you cannot let them run your campaigns on their Adwords account. Otherwise, you will lose your account history and quality score when you eventually leave the agency.


A SEM agency that does its job well wants you to keep them because they are meeting your expectations. They will also make you sign a contract with a clause that lets you walk away anytime you don’t feel satisfied. On the other hand, the bad guys will force you to remain in a contract you’re not happy with. Therefore, you just have to remember these things when choosing a good SEM agency.