Math Made Fun

Math is the subject that often gives students the most difficulty. Even in the past, when school was about “ABC’s and one two threes,” it was the course that most children dreaded the most. In 2016, however, arithmetic is harder and more advanced than ever before. Students in the lower grades are now doing pre-algebra and geometry. Teachers search for more creative ways to help struggling children. Math games are one-way students are becoming engaged and even enjoying math.

Math games for kids have many advantages. Studies have shown that number games online, give the student a chance to develop their reasoning and cognitive skills. They learn new strategies by following directions for the match, and this enhances their comprehension. Also, if children enjoy the math game, they will play it over and over which gives repetitive reinforcement, thus making learning math fun.

Here are some other advantages of math games.

  • Students can learn patterning and place values in an entertaining way.
  • Games build a deeper understand of how numbers work.
  • Children usually receive immediate positive feedback when they have the correct answer.
  • Best way to encourage children to practice
  • Students can learn benchmark numbers
  • Teach strategic thinking as children to solve math in more than one way.
  • Increases reasoning skills.

Some things to remember about math games:

  • Teachers should introduce and explain games for the first use
  • Students should be monitored while playing.
  • Groups of friends should be encouraged to play together.
  • After game time is over, children need an opportunity to reflect
  • Games are an excellent school-home connection.
  • Parents can supplement in school lessons with math games at home.

Something else to consider about math games is that technology is prevalent in every career in today’s world. As students learn with math games, they are also being taught basic computer skills. Children today are fortunate to have such an innovative tool to learn math. As more research is done, math games and other aids will be accessible to our children.

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How to choose a good house cleaning company

When your house is conspicuously dirty and you don’t really have the energy or time to tackle the challenge, you may have to settle for a house cleaning company. But that may not always be as easy as it sounds. There are numerous companies in this particular industry, and several factors will influence your final decision in choosing a good house cleaning service. Here are some excellent pointers.

#1. Interview more than one company

As a general rule of thumb, you need to be comfortable with the person representing the company. If you are working with a large company, find out whether they rotate staff or if they will be sending the same person consistently. Both have their pros and cons: a consistent individual will be more familiar with the house, but the longer they clean for you, the more places that should be cleaned will be missed. The quandary of a new crew every week: there is a learning curve that you will have to endure as they familiarize themselves with your house.

#2. Ensure the house cleaning company is licensed and insured

In the case of an injury, who will cover the medical bills? And if they break something, will it be repaired or replaced?

#3. Define the scope

Determine whether you are looking for a one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly clean. Ensure that the house cleaning company will do everything that needs to be done to clean the house. If a stepladder will be needed to reach the top shelf for dusting, is the cleaning crew willing to do so? Will it cost extra to clean a finished basement? How about washing the dog-snot from the front door? Are baseboards cleaned regularly? How much to clean out the refrigerator? Will your lampshades and furniture be vacuumed regularly?

#4. Ensure pricing is explicit

Make sure that the company you want to hire does not have any hidden fees. If you are working with an individual, consult with an accountant to ascertain that you are hiring that person as an independent contractor, and not as an employee. The tax implications for hiring one against the other are significant, so have your accountant exclusively explain the repercussions of choosing an individual.

#5. Remember to inform the company of any pets in the house for phobia and allergy considerations

A loose guinea pig running around the house may be perfectly normal to you, but the house cleaner may find it spooky and beat the pet with a broom. In some cases, the crew may need to schedule more time to clean the lining of a bird cage or accommodate a dog that produces enormous amounts of fur. The house cleaning company may also offer these services at an additional cost.

In the end, your family’s comfort and happiness will take precedence. Go for a company like iCleaning that is willing to communicate with you directly or answer all your queries over the phone or email. Consider that work ethics and good intentions on both sides are essential not only for your house cleaning project, but for your peace of mind as well.

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Free Job Posting Portals – The Ultimate Guide

Free job posting portals are of great help when you’re searching for a new job. Job boards let you upload your updated resume anytime you choose, so that all sorts of companies can connect with you and offer you interesting opportunities. Plus, you can use online job posting sites as a great resource for an active job hunt.

But for some job seekers, job boards are a huge waste of time as they spend endless hours there with not much to show for it.

In this article, we guide you to choosing the right job portal for your needs and also what to do there to maximise your chances of landing a great job.

The Varied Typed of Job Portals

There are many different types of websites today catering to different types of requirements for job seekers and employers both. Eg, JobQuest365 but there are some that are scam sites and are out there to collect personal information.

So, be careful and due your due diligence before applying online.

Here is a low-down on the many facets of different job sites:

  1. General job boards – These publish a huge array of jobs from a zillion companies. is a perfect example.
  2. Specialized Job Portals – You can find jobs tailor-made for a particular set of people based on their skills and/or specialization.
  3. Job Aggregators – These sites typically act like a job search engine and post jobs gathered from various job boards. is a popular site.
  4. Company/Recruitment Job Portals – On these portals, only those jobs are published that are filled immediately, and at times only through their own personnel.

5 Questions to Ask Before a You Finalize a Free Job Posting Site

  1. Who is the owner of the job site?

Look for any contact information you can find and verify it before you give them your’s.

  1. What’s Google saying about them?

Google the site and read all relevant information presented to you. Be very cautious if Google doesn’t throw up any results for that job site.

  1. Are you asked to register, even before you can browse the jobs?

That’s a red flag which indicates that the job site does not prioritise in helping you find a job. Evaluate first, register second.

  1. What kind of privacy policy does the job site have?

Go for only those portals that have a comprehensive privacy policy detailing what they do with your data.

  1. Who can access the job database?

If a job posting site offers free access to all employers, be wary of it as that could lead to unethical people getting your personal information.

What to Do Once You Upload Your Resume at a Job Portal:

Once you find a free job posting site that fits all the criteria, you should upload an updated version of your resume.

But your work is not done yet.

You need to do a few more things to endure maximum success with the best brands.

Here’s how:

  1. Create an impressive cover letter that will knock the socks off any potential employer.
  2. Complete each and every column on the job site – whether optional or obligatory.
  3. Keep reviewing the job board for new jobs at least once a week.
  4. Refresh your resume every 2 weeks to enhance your chances of getting the attention of recruiters and employers. You could even make small changes so that your resume gets reposted automatically.
  5. Make sure that you have chosen to make your resume visible to everyone and not set any filters.
  6. Take full advantage of all the varied features on the job portal – job agents, resume services, job alerts etc.

An efficient online job portal will also have sufficient information about the employers and their hiring companies. You can then identify a brand and search for a job according to your preferences.

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Select The Right Venue For Your Event

Organizing an event is no easy task. Whether you are planning something as simple as a birthday for a family member or a large corporate event like a fundraiser for instance, there are a lot of things that have to be considered if the event is to be successful. One of the most important things to consider is the venue. The site and location of an event can either make or break it. When considering a corporate event venues singapore, there are a number of things that you need to think about. For instance, your allotted budget for the event, whether the event is going to be formal or casual, and how many people will be attending.

The Price Is Right

Depending on your budget, you will want to make sure that you don’t put yourself into a position where you spend so much money on your Venue Rental that you leave yourself very few options in terms of decorations, entertainment, food and beverages. If you find a location that you really like and it is a little out of your price range, you should ask if there are discounts for certain days. If you can be flexible on the date of your event, you may be able to negotiate a price that will keep you on budget. Remember, venue prices tend to be lower during the weekdays. You may want to consider planning a Wednesday event verses one planned on a Saturday night.

What is Offered

When considering the best venue for your event you should think about what you will need to make your event a success. If you are planning a banquet or a wedding reception you will need to determine if you will take care of the food preparation on your own, or if you plan to set aside a certain amount of your budget for catering. Some establishments have policies regarding the use of their facilities when food is going to be served. There are some venues that require that you use their caterers, and then there are others who are flexible and will allow you to bring in your own food, and use their facilities once you agree to their contractual terms, and a security deposit is made.

You will also want to think about other amenities like seating, tableware, and table linens. Often times venues will have these sorts of items for rent. Convenience is paramount when planning an event, as it is much easier to have someone else worry about setting up and arranging tables and chairs verses you having to do all of that yourself mere hours before your big event.

There are a few more things that you need to consider when choosing a Venue Rental. The venue’s location can be detrimental in regards to the success of your event. You don’t want to pick a venue that is out of the way, or difficult to find. You want your guests to feel honored that they were invited and not irritated because they had to travel all the way to the moon and back to attend. You will also need to think about the acoustics in the venue that you are planning to hold your event in. If the acoustics are poor, or every other word is an echo, you will need to bring in equipment to counter the noise and enhance the quality of sound in the space.

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Tips to help you find a good Dental Clinic

If you are suffering from dental problems, then you would very much be visiting the dentist quite often. You will be spending a lot of money by doing so and it’s no wonder many are opting for a career in dentistry; because it can be very lucrative. If, perhaps, you come from a family with low income, and you frequently require the services of a dentist, then having tips that may help you in the quest of finding an efficient dental clinic in Singapore will be quite beneficial to you.

First, you may go for an insurance policy that will cover your teeth. Doing this will also ensure that your smile is insured. When you do that, you also insure your smile. It is absolutely true that dental clinics don’t give equal services. So, when searching for that perfect dental clinic that best suits you, the facilities are to be considered. There are dental clinics whose staff may not be adequately skilled. This is another paramount factor to consider especially if a major procedure is involved.

The best way to start your search for a good dental clinic is to find out from their patients how the services and staff are. You need to have information about the services being offered in the dental clinic. This gives you an overview of what they provide and whether it suits your requirements. In case you want to have a major treatment, then your clinic must be able to provide you with all the necessary facilities.

You can even go in and have an inside scope of the clinic hence finding out for yourself about the clinic. That should be the best way to know as you are things happening right in front of your eyes. You can observe their environment and see how they treat their patients. If the dental clinic has an insurance provider, then you can have the peace of mind with the fact that they are considered as top rated.

You can check on the internet to make your work shorter. Then you can narrow down on a few clinics and visit them or tag along with someone who is going there for treatment. You can even try a regular check up and find out for yourself. The cost of service is another critical factor to keep in mind when opting for your prefered clinic. Consider all these factors when making your decision and you won’t go wrong.

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SEM Agencies: Knowing who’s genuine and who is not

SEM or search engine marketing is a crucial aspect of all businesses looking to gain exposure on the internet. With good SEM, a business will run a website that converts visitors into paying customers. However, the challenge with SEM Singapore is that there is a lot of trying and testing here.

How to find a good SEM agency

The following are just a few problems that you’ll want a SEM agency to solve:

  • Ads are being served on queries that are not related to them
  • Untargeted ads
  • Ads not being served on high volume or high relative queries
  • A weak brand campaign
  • Poor page ranking

These problems are quite cyclical in nature, and will affect your Adwords budget for as long as the account is running with one or all the problems still intact. At the end of the day, they affect your return on investment.

An agency that talks about others’ weaknesses rather than its strengths

A good agency will emphasize about why they are good at what they do. However, if they begin criticizing what other agencies are doing wrong (usually your current agency), you should run.

Good agencies have a process for SEM management, and it does not vary by account managers

The first thing to do is to ask a SEM agency to let you talk to at least two of their account managers. You should ask them the process they use when it comes to managing SEM campaigns. If they talk about the same thing, then this is a good agency.

However, if their statements are contradicting, then it means they aren’t an agency. They are just a bunch of guys working in a building under the same payroll.


A good agency will talk to its clients about the numbers or metrics that have driven them to where they are.

They must be transparent in the sense that they can give full access to their analytics account as well as other reporting tools.

You should generally be wary of agencies that don’t want to share data with their clients. Also, you cannot let them run your campaigns on their Adwords account. Otherwise, you will lose your account history and quality score when you eventually leave the agency.


A SEM agency that does its job well wants you to keep them because they are meeting your expectations. They will also make you sign a contract with a clause that lets you walk away anytime you don’t feel satisfied. On the other hand, the bad guys will force you to remain in a contract you’re not happy with. Therefore, you just have to remember these things when choosing a good SEM agency.

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You Really Are What You Eat!

With the growing problem of national (and international) obesity, people everywhere are looking for healthier lifestyles. Whether it’s adding a new exercise regimen or revamping one they already follow, most people are adamant about becoming and staying as healthy as possible.

One of the simplest ways to start following that healthier lifestyle is to change your diet. Eating the right foods not only helps you lose weight, it also improves your overall health. Lower cholesterol levels and weight management help to reduce the risks of becoming diabetic and also helps to promote heart health. Most people also find that their energy levels and their stamina increase as well when they change the way they are eating. In the past, the biggest drawback to eating healthy was that it was boring, even tasteless. What fun is it to spend extra money to go out and eat a large salad without any dressing, other than perhaps a bit of lemon juice sprinkled on top of a bunch of raw ingredients? If they pay for it, people want the whole eating out process to be special.

Besides the need for a fine dining experience, today’s restaurant-goers are also looking for a healthy alternative to the onslaught of fast-food drive thru’s. People are fed up with the greasy, fried options these franchises have been offering and opting for the healthier, organic selections many restaurants are now offering to their increasingly health-conscious diners. They are seeing a new trend in the selections these customers are opting for. Some restaurant owners are redesigning and redefining their entire establishment to meet these new healthy food options for their customers by giving them an immersive, healthy dining experience. Whether it’s going completely vegan or just incorporating new entrée selections, healthy eating Singapore has now become a genuine target for chefs and restaurant owners alike

Customers are now drawn to the “free-range”, “organic”, “no antibiotics added” proteins and calorie conscious, “heart-healthy” meals many restaurateurs are now incorporating into their menu selections. These options are usually just variations on other menu items, with the main difference being in the actual cooking method used to prepare it. Most are either broiled, grilled or baked, without any type of coating or breading and cooked in nothing other than perhaps incorporating a simple sauce to add some additional flavor. Today’s chefs have also learned that by using a variety of fresh spices, they can transform these healthier food options into something wonderful to consume.

Sometimes, the simplest things we do, have a huge impact on our lives. If you’re looking for a healthier way to live, start by eating right. #YOLO

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Well Screens: What it Does

This particular type of screen is a filter that allows water to flow and keeps debris and other materials out. In most cases, these specific types of filters are used to keep out gravel/shale and sand out of the well-structure while allowing the maximum amount of water to flow in. It is important to know that ground water is found in the tiny spaces in between the particles of sandstone, rock, gravel beds and even sand.

Sand and gravel are often referred to as unconsolidated aquifers while sandstones and rocks are known as consolidated aquifers. As a result, well screens help prevent rock particles from entering the well that may cause early malfunction of the well-pump or perhaps the plugging equipment. Additionally, the accumulation of sand in the well may lead to blocking off water bearing areas. You can learn more by visiting

How do water wells work?

For most wells, it is preferable to have water enter the well slowly. A turbulent of flow of water can lead to the passing of agitated water and particles that may clog up the wall. For this reason, selecting the appropriate well screen can help improve your well`s efficiency and its productive timeline. One common example of water well-screens is known as the continuous slot constructions that are developed by adorning and welding long strands of wire or PVC around vertical rods.

Well-screens can also be used through accurate machine slotting or by developing shutter or louver openings. Shutter screens are used for wells that have a high yield. The filters are available in many slot openings and apertures that are installed by fixing the screen on one end of the casing that is then lowered down into the well to the water producing zones. In most cases, your local contractor creates a well-screen to accommodate your unique well necessities.

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