Free Job Posting Portals – The Ultimate Guide

Free job posting portals are of great help when you’re searching for a new job. Job boards let you upload your updated resume anytime you choose, so that all sorts of companies can connect with you and offer you interesting opportunities. Plus, you can use online job posting sites as a great resource for an active job hunt.

But for some job seekers, job boards are a huge waste of time as they spend endless hours there with not much to show for it.

In this article, we guide you to choosing the right job portal for your needs and also what to do there to maximise your chances of landing a great job.

The Varied Typed of Job Portals

There are many different types of websites today catering to different types of requirements for job seekers and employers both. Eg, JobQuest365 but there are some that are scam sites and are out there to collect personal information.

So, be careful and due your due diligence before applying online.

Here is a low-down on the many facets of different job sites:

  1. General job boards – These publish a huge array of jobs from a zillion companies. is a perfect example.
  2. Specialized Job Portals – You can find jobs tailor-made for a particular set of people based on their skills and/or specialization.
  3. Job Aggregators – These sites typically act like a job search engine and post jobs gathered from various job boards. is a popular site.
  4. Company/Recruitment Job Portals – On these portals, only those jobs are published that are filled immediately, and at times only through their own personnel.

5 Questions to Ask Before a You Finalize a Free Job Posting Site

  1. Who is the owner of the job site?

Look for any contact information you can find and verify it before you give them your’s.

  1. What’s Google saying about them?

Google the site and read all relevant information presented to you. Be very cautious if Google doesn’t throw up any results for that job site.

  1. Are you asked to register, even before you can browse the jobs?

That’s a red flag which indicates that the job site does not prioritise in helping you find a job. Evaluate first, register second.

  1. What kind of privacy policy does the job site have?

Go for only those portals that have a comprehensive privacy policy detailing what they do with your data.

  1. Who can access the job database?

If a job posting site offers free access to all employers, be wary of it as that could lead to unethical people getting your personal information.

What to Do Once You Upload Your Resume at a Job Portal:

Once you find a free job posting site that fits all the criteria, you should upload an updated version of your resume.

But your work is not done yet.

You need to do a few more things to endure maximum success with the best brands.

Here’s how:

  1. Create an impressive cover letter that will knock the socks off any potential employer.
  2. Complete each and every column on the job site – whether optional or obligatory.
  3. Keep reviewing the job board for new jobs at least once a week.
  4. Refresh your resume every 2 weeks to enhance your chances of getting the attention of recruiters and employers. You could even make small changes so that your resume gets reposted automatically.
  5. Make sure that you have chosen to make your resume visible to everyone and not set any filters.
  6. Take full advantage of all the varied features on the job portal – job agents, resume services, job alerts etc.

An efficient online job portal will also have sufficient information about the employers and their hiring companies. You can then identify a brand and search for a job according to your preferences.

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Select The Right Venue For Your Event

Organizing an event is no easy task. Whether you are planning something as simple as a birthday for a family member or a large corporate event like a fundraiser for instance, there are a lot of things that have to be considered if the event is to be successful. One of the most important things to consider is the venue. The site and location of an event can either make or break it. When considering a corporate event venues singapore, there are a number of things that you need to think about. For instance, your allotted budget for the event, whether the event is going to be formal or casual, and how many people will be attending.

The Price Is Right

Depending on your budget, you will want to make sure that you don’t put yourself into a position where you spend so much money on your Venue Rental that you leave yourself very few options in terms of decorations, entertainment, food and beverages. If you find a location that you really like and it is a little out of your price range, you should ask if there are discounts for certain days. If you can be flexible on the date of your event, you may be able to negotiate a price that will keep you on budget. Remember, venue prices tend to be lower during the weekdays. You may want to consider planning a Wednesday event verses one planned on a Saturday night.

What is Offered

When considering the best venue for your event you should think about what you will need to make your event a success. If you are planning a banquet or a wedding reception you will need to determine if you will take care of the food preparation on your own, or if you plan to set aside a certain amount of your budget for catering. Some establishments have policies regarding the use of their facilities when food is going to be served. There are some venues that require that you use their caterers, and then there are others who are flexible and will allow you to bring in your own food, and use their facilities once you agree to their contractual terms, and a security deposit is made.

You will also want to think about other amenities like seating, tableware, and table linens. Often times venues will have these sorts of items for rent. Convenience is paramount when planning an event, as it is much easier to have someone else worry about setting up and arranging tables and chairs verses you having to do all of that yourself mere hours before your big event.

There are a few more things that you need to consider when choosing a Venue Rental. The venue’s location can be detrimental in regards to the success of your event. You don’t want to pick a venue that is out of the way, or difficult to find. You want your guests to feel honored that they were invited and not irritated because they had to travel all the way to the moon and back to attend. You will also need to think about the acoustics in the venue that you are planning to hold your event in. If the acoustics are poor, or every other word is an echo, you will need to bring in equipment to counter the noise and enhance the quality of sound in the space.

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The benefits of a maintenance lawyer

When a parent brings a child into the world, it is important that they support that child and it is a legal right that they do so. When a couple split up and they have a child, it is therefore important to establish who will be caring for the child and who will be paying benefits to the other parent so that they have enough funding to live on. Therefore, when a couple do split up, one parent will often end up paying benefit support to the other parent.

If you do happen to split up, it is important to invest in a maintenance lawyer Singapore who will be able to help you and keep your best interests in mind. A lawyer will also be there for your child and their best interests as well. In the past it was more common for men to pay women child support but it is now the case that more and more women are paying men for the child support and this is because more and more women are now working in the work place. You will need to outline your situation and will need to break it down with a maintenance lawyer who will then be able to understand your situation. A lawyer will have a lot of understanding when it comes to the rules of the court and will benefit you in this situation.

A maintenance lawyer will have the ability to outline a number of different factors and will be able to do so as a way in which to resolve the situation. This will include the analysis of factors including the parent’s incomes, child care costs, the individual needs of the child and arrangements in terms of the custody situation. The lawyer will be able to arrange an agreement that is fair between the two parents so that one is not paying more than they need to.

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