You Really Are What You Eat!

With the growing problem of national (and international) obesity, people everywhere are looking for healthier lifestyles. Whether it’s adding a new exercise regimen or revamping one they already follow, most people are adamant about becoming and staying as healthy as possible.

One of the simplest ways to start following that healthier lifestyle is to change your diet. Eating the right foods not only helps you lose weight, it also improves your overall health. Lower cholesterol levels and weight management help to reduce the risks of becoming diabetic and also helps to promote heart health. Most people also find that their energy levels and their stamina increase as well when they change the way they are eating. In the past, the biggest drawback to eating healthy was that it was boring, even tasteless. What fun is it to spend extra money to go out and eat a large salad without any dressing, other than perhaps a bit of lemon juice sprinkled on top of a bunch of raw ingredients? If they pay for it, people want the whole eating out process to be special.

Besides the need for a fine dining experience, today’s restaurant-goers are also looking for a healthy alternative to the onslaught of fast-food drive thru’s. People are fed up with the greasy, fried options these franchises have been offering and opting for the healthier, organic selections many restaurants are now offering to their increasingly health-conscious diners. They are seeing a new trend in the selections these customers are opting for. Some restaurant owners are redesigning and redefining their entire establishment to meet these new healthy food options for their customers by giving them an immersive, healthy dining experience. Whether it’s going completely vegan or just incorporating new entrée selections, healthy eating Singapore has now become a genuine target for chefs and restaurant owners alike

Customers are now drawn to the “free-range”, “organic”, “no antibiotics added” proteins and calorie conscious, “heart-healthy” meals many restaurateurs are now incorporating into their menu selections. These options are usually just variations on other menu items, with the main difference being in the actual cooking method used to prepare it. Most are either broiled, grilled or baked, without any type of coating or breading and cooked in nothing other than perhaps incorporating a simple sauce to add some additional flavor. Today’s chefs have also learned that by using a variety of fresh spices, they can transform these healthier food options into something wonderful to consume.

Sometimes, the simplest things we do, have a huge impact on our lives. If you’re looking for a healthier way to live, start by eating right. #YOLO

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